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How it works…

Just like Carjbe Swing Picks but instead of you doing the work, we at Carjbe Trade And Trust will handle your account. If you’re new to trading or just want someone with experience to handle your investment portfolio. Here is how it will work.

You will see all our trades when taken. Yes, that’s real-time on the app. You will see how we make the profit on the same day. This is probably something hard for you to believe huh? …  We make profit and you get to watch when it happens. No BS! 

We recommend you start with $100 in your investment portfolio.

Here is the link to Open an account with Robinhood but, please keep reading:

When you join us you will be able to pick a contract.  We have 3 months 6 months and 12 months.

We recommend you start off with 3 months.

You will also get everything that included in the Carjbe Swing Picks so you can follow along with us.

– 3-8 stock trades every Sunday Per Week for a month for a total of 4  emails or SMS whichever you prefer…

 Entry Price for the stock (which is where its the best price to buy a stock… BY THAT we look into a key point where a stock will change direction by doing what is called an ‘MTFA‘) 

 Stop Loss for the stock… (Which is when to exit a stock IF it drops below a certain price. This will help you PROTECT YOUR investment capital)

  –The Target Area for the stock (which will be when to exit the trade when the Target Price has been reached.) 




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