Swing Pick Newsletter

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This Swing Letter if taken properly with a trading plan will allow you to stay consistent week after week and make your investment portfolio grown. 



Here is what you get:


– 3-8 stock trades every Sunday Per Week for a month for a total of 4 

Emails or SMS…….whichever you prefer. 

Entry Price for the stock (which is where its the best price to buy a stock… BY THAT we look into a key point where a stock will change direction by doing what is called an ‘MTFA‘) 

Stop Loss for the stock… (Which is when to exit a stock IF it drops below a certain price. This will help you PROTECT YOUR investment portfolio)

 –The Target Area for the stock (which will be when to exit the trade when the Target Price has been reached.) 

– Cancel Anytime NO Long Term Contract  

Price – $54 a month

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